Contextual Psychology Blog

This is a space where various areas of Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS) are discussed, with a specific focus on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the theory of language that underpins it (Relational Frame Theory, RFT). The blogs, which have accumulated over 60,000 hits, are ordered into categories; we start with the lure of avoidance, before moving onto the three pillars of ACT (Open, Aware, Active) and ending with a focus on the importance of context.

The Lure of Avoidance

  1. The Anti-depressant Fairy Tale
  2. The Ritalin Bandwagon
  3. The Happiness Game
  4. I Choose Pain
  5. A Letter to My Son

Being Open

  1. Why ACT is Important
  2. The True Nature of Acceptance
  3. Using Defusion to Write a Book

Being Aware

  1. The Personality Illusion
  2. Kill Your Self Every Day

Being Active

  1. Values and Vulnerabilities
  2. Trickling Values
  3. Good Old Fashioned Values
  4. A ‘Yes’ Community

The Importance of Context

  1. Chasing the Medical Model of Psychopathology
  2. Throwing the ABA out with the bathwater
  3. Just Humans
  4. Compassion-Focused Politics
  5. Context – A Theory of Human Behaviour
  6. When did people stop caring about aetiology? The case of antidepressants