Pricing Information

How we came to price the diaries

After feeling its quality in our own hands (and in the hope that we could reduce costs), for the year 2019 we will offer a wire-bound version of the diary. At the prices detailed below, the diary may now be affordable enough to be bought not only for oneself, but also as a gift for friends, clients or workshop attendees.

In the service of transparency we want to give you some idea of how we came to price the diary. This year, as the cost of paper has increased, the cost to produce one diary is around £5. Once you add VAT, tax, lost copies and the cost of selling through intermediary companies (Etsy, Amazon, shops etc.) that figure rises.

Consequently, this year we hope to make about £2 profit per diary and we will personally post every one of the 1000 copies we have printed.

The cost of the diaries (without P and P)

No of Diaries Ordered

1-5 6-10 11-20 20+

First-time buyers





Return buyers and students   £10 £9 £8


How to buy the diaries

There are two ways to buy the diaries:

  1. You can email valuedactiondiary(at) with details of how many diaries you would like to order. Subsequently, once you have made a payment into a Paypal account, we will post the diaries to you. This option is good for us because it avoids intermediary costs but it is also good for you because it better allows us to control postage and packaging costs – specifically, we will charge you exactly what it costs to send you the diaries rather than having blanket costs for every person. Note: if you are a return buyer and would like the diary at the discounted rate documented above then the only way to access that rate will be to email us (i.e. Etsy doesn’t have a ‘return buyer’ mechanism).
  2. You can click on the link below, which will take you to an Etsy page. Going via this route gives you, as the consumer, added protection, as it means that if any dispute arises between us then you have someone to contact to mediate the situation.